Institute of Information System and Research Center 

” A Scientific Research Center “

    What We Do

IISRC has developed a pioneering AI-based technology that enables organizations to obtain actionable, granular insights from the vast ocean of unstructured data.  We harness our unique technology to empower organizations to excel at what they do.

Whether it be helping to keep communities safe, enabling more efficient processes at scale, or taking commerce personalization to the next level, IISRC utilizes cutting-edge deep learning and cognitive computing algorithms to make the world a better place.

Welcome To The Data-Driven World

Regardless of the industry, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence promise to reshape the way we do our jobs every day. At IISRC we seek to bring the power of data science & AI to our customers. Whether you want to explore the possible use cases for big data analytics or have an AI solution in mind and want to start quickly, our team of world-class data science consultants can help you achieve big data success and get the most out of your investment

   How we Help


You know data science and machine learning, but you could use some help building on your knowledge by adding specialized, topical experts.

We add subject-matter experts (SME) in data science for Digital Marketing, HR, Sales, Logistics and more to compliment your skill set


You’re interested in utilizing predictive analytics as a competitive advantage but don’t have a data science team established.

We are your bolt-on data science team! We’ll develop predictive models to solve the most complex business problems while understanding and fitting seamlessly into your organization .

     Our Services : 

Data Strategy Consulting

Align big data technologies with your business objectives

Data Science & AI

Discover the true potential of your data with our Data Science experts .

Big Data Infrastructure

 Develop big data infrastructure that enables you to embrace all your data .

Financial Analytics :

Financial institutions collect massive amounts of customer and transaction data from ATM’s, offline bank branches, mobile app, call centers, online banking,.