Research & Technologies

In a continuous drive to contribute to industries through pioneering research, IISRC makes a concerted effort to collaborate with international partners, aiming to enhance and facilitate the technology innovation and commercialization process in a rewarding and expedient manner.

Core Business and Service : Venture and Incubator As an international commercialization platform, match complementary innovative technology and industrial investor partners, and expedite new ventures and investments . R&D Collaboration :
  • As an international innovation platform, facilitate the i (institute) to i (institute) collaboration with emphasis on design driven innovation, capitalizing the strength of participating industries and research organizations.
  • Assist IISRC industries participate in international research consortium and alliance programs.
  • Assist IISRC organizations take part in international industrial standard/policy setting
Technology Scouting :
  • Search technology transfer and cooperation opportunities .
  • Disseminate information on transferable technologies to target industries
Recruitment, Exchange and Training :
  • Assist in recruiting qualified researchers from overseas
  • Facilitate expert exchanges with collaborating research organizations.
  • Assist in arranging seminars, meetings and trainings for skills upgrading and information sharing

IISRC aggressively promotes intellectual properties it develops. IISRC are being sorted and packaged into valuable combinations for offer to domestic industries. Based on a series of value-adding practices including quality patent prosecution, commercialization of intellectual property, patent enforcement, innovative business model in IP utilization, as well as the setup of intellectual property trading platform.

IISRC have broad resources for testing and conducting research within Information technology, communication technology, reliable systems.

Our mission is to deliver the highest level research and enabling technologies to address customer needs in achieving ubiquitous information networking. The Group’s research and development (R&D) addresses key trends and opportunities in the four areas of Wireless Communications, Broadband Communciations, Communications Software and RF Systems

IISRC publishes wide range of quality an open access International Journals related in different topics on computer Science, innovation technoology with an orientation towards research, practical & industrial applications. IISRC Journals raises the research interest among researchers and endows the benefits to industrial practitioners by disseminating unimpeded access to the scientific research. It also persuades the research & development of innovative technology through excellence in education, research & service.

Publications types :

  • International Conferences Proceedings
  • International Journals
  • Research Articles & Magazines